Department Vision

We place strict emphasis on "special" matters only possible for TOTOKU, to achieve the creation of a research and development division able to provide development proposals which can continually exceed our customers' expectations.

Basic Strategy of the Research & Development Department

To develop original technology and value-added new merchandise and finished goods only possible for TOTOKU.

Basic Research & Development Policy

  1. With the greatest value placed on the meaning of "special" or "unique" in our company’s name when it was founded, we always strive to develop our "special" product development (pursuing the ideal state) and our "special" process development (uniqueness).
  2. We are continually engaged in searching (sowing seeds) and developing (cultivating) new products which can become key parts of new businesses.
  3. We believe that the "seeds" of new products, and opportunities for their cultivation, are born from activities to resolve issues faced by our customers, so we actively work with a whole-hearted devotion to addressing such issues.
  4. We seek out exceptional resources from outside our company, and apply them to quickly answer customer requests.