Enhanced insulated wires provided with a tape winding coating to fulfill Class F (155ºC) thermal resistance requirements.

Aside from tape-wound coatings, products with extruded coatings are also available. These products are ideal for downsizing transformers used in power supply equipment. The self-fusing types are bobbinless and can support coil winding automation.


It is a coined word combining the acronym "Triple Indurated Wire" and "TOTOKU".


  • Product is finished to have a small outer diameter.
  • Insulation between the primary side and secondary side of transformers can be ensured.
  • Barriers, interlayer tape, and insulating tape are not required.
  • Coating strength can withstand for high-speed wire winding.
  • The extruded types have outstanding withstand voltage performance toward corona discharge.


Extruded-type products are employed in switching power supplies and AC adapters which are commonly used in industrial equipment and consumer appliances, and are also suitable for use in automotive and medical power supplies.


Their triple-insulated structure allows them to be regarded as enhanced insulated wires from the perspective of safety standards.

Conductor configurations
  • Single wires
  • Litz wires
  • Compressed stranded wires
  • Stranded wires for high-frequency applications

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