Enhanced insulated wires provided with a tape winding coating to fulfill Class B (130ºC) thermal resistance requirements.

These products are ideal for downsizing transformers used in power supply equipment. Variations such as high-frequency, low-loss grade products can be provided to meet a wide range of requirements. Self-bonding are bobbinless and can support coil winding automation.

We have developed stranded wire type products processed to provide a special coating on the surface of conducting wires, as products intended for high-frequency power supply equipment. This has made it possible to reduce their overall diameter and improve their solderability.


It is a coined word combining the acronym "Triple Indurated Wire" and "TOTOKU".


  • Product is finished to have a small outer diameter.
  • Soldering is possible with no detachment of the coating.
  • Coating can be easily detached when peeling.
  • Insulation between the primary side and secondary side of transformers can be ensured.
  • Barriers, interlayer tape, and insulating tape are not required.
  • Coating strength can withstand for high-speed wire winding.


These products are employed in switching power supplies and transformers in AC adapters which are commonly used in industrial equipment and consumer appliances.


Their triple-insulated structure allows them to be regarded as enhanced insulated wires from the perspective of safety standards.

Conductor configurations
  • Single wires
  • Litz wires
  • Compressed stranded wires
  • Stranded wires for high-frequency applications

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