The maximum continuous operating temperature is 150 degrees Celsius.

Apart from its electrical and mechanical properties, Flterio is high withstand voltage insulated wire with excellent thermal resistance, moisture resistance and chemical resistance. It is suitable for coil products that require thermal resistance and environmental resistance such as EV/PHV.


Fluororesin and the Greek word “τελειος” meaning “perfect” express a tough image.

Conductors Enamel covering
Insulation ETFE
Wire diameter


Processing types (note)
  • Single wire
  • Stranded wire

(note) The allowable ranges for production will differ depending on the materials. Please inquire with us for details.




Other Standards

Please consult with us about the insulation of FEP, PFA, etc.

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Extruded fluorine resin (ETFE/FEP/PFA) wires with excellent electrical characteristic, mechanical characteristic, thermal resistance, and chemical resistance. They are suitable for use in applications such as automobiles and industrial equipment.

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