Electric wires using high-strength, high-conductivity copper alloy wires provided with insulation coatings.

Ideal for use as wiring materials in various types of precision devices.

Their extremely small diameters and high straightness allow them to improve wiring workability.

  • Wiring for moving parts requiring high strength.
  • Insertion into small holes or small-diameter tubes which would be difficult with extra fine copper wires.
  • Improved workability of terminal pretinning.

Whisker is a term coined from Whisker and CUT, which evokes the image of a product that is thin and supple, like a cat's whiskers, and has sensing capabilities.


Copper alloy wires (plating can also be provided on conductors)

Conductor diameter


Coating Coating Insulated, fused, smooth coating
Coating thickness


Tensile strength

650~1350 MPa


30~80 %IACS

Radius of curvature

R300 mm or greater


  • Wiring materials for fine pitch electrical inspection equipment.
  • Internal wiring materials for various types of medical devices.
  • Wiring materials for moving parts of robots.
  • Wiring materials for use inside or between precision substrates.

Structure (Sectional structure)

Conductor diameter: φ0.03mm~0.2mm

(note) For questions on matters such as the specifications of insulation coatings, please inquire as indicated below.

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