Phase adjustment is possible for all products (up to 110 GHz DC) that support standard specifications, standard armor specifications, highly-flexible armor specifications, and small pitch multi port coaxial connection systems.

It supports the management of the delay time difference (skew) of the transmission routes required for digital differential signal transmission.

The delay time of two or more coaxial cable assemblies can be adjusted both "relatively" and "absolutely (specified width)".

Phase-adjusted cables are essential for high-accuracy signal transmission evaluation and measurement.


This has become possible through the use of our proprietary dedicated connectors, high-performance cables, and special connection processing technologies.

Relative phase adjustment

Adjusting the phases of two or more assemblies

Absolute phase adjustment

Produced at your specified electric length


Internal and external wiring of high-frequency equipment, lead wires for measuring instruments, etc. (Applications, such as digital differential transmission, where the electrical lengths of multiple transmission lines must be aligned)

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