This is a coaxial cable assembly that can be used with microwave applications up to 110 GHz DC.

We offer the best cables for each frequency band.

We also provide a wide variety of terminal connectors.

We have released a lineup of new soft-jacket types.

We also provide a wide variety of terminal connectors and these connectors enable the following:

  • Plug jack conversion of homogenous connectors
  • Plug jack conversion of heterogeneous connectors
  • Enables right-angle shaping (angle can be specified) without degrading characteristics.

A rich variation of terminal shapes and connectors makes it suitable for a wide range of usage environments.


It's a coined word for wave and molle, the Italian word for microwave and molle, which means "flexible", and has the image of a cable with high frequency and flexibility.



Internal and external wiring of high-frequency equipment, lead wires for measuring instruments, etc.


Cables structure

Assembly appearance

Connector and cable combination chart

Cable type
Non-reinforced type SJ
(Soft jacket)
Core conductor Single wire Stranded wire Single wire
Connector symbols 500 358 280 219 128 280S 500SJ 358SJ
Connector type 18GHz N-P D         Under dev.
N-J E         Under dev.
N-LP DL(note 1)         Under dev.
N-LJ EL(note 1)         Under dev.
20GHz SMA-P A  

Under dev.
SMA-J B    
  Under dev.
26.5GHz 3.5-P F         Under dev.
3.5-J G         Under dev.
3.5-LP FL(note 1)            
3.5-LJ GL(note 1)            
40GHz 2.92-P K      
2.92-J M      
2.92-LP KL(note 1)      
2.92-LJ ML(note 1)      
SMP-J SMP              
50GHz 2.4-P Q            
2.4-J R            
2.4-LP QL(note 1)            
2.4-LJ RL(note 1)            
65GHz SMPM-J SMPM       Under dev.      
67GHz 1.85-P T            
1.85-J U            
1.85-LP TL(note 1)            
1.85-LJ UL(note 1)            
70GHz 1.85-P T70G              
1.85-J U70G              
1.85-LP TL70G(note 1)              
1.85-LJ UL70G(note 1)              
110GHz 1.0-P X              
1.0-J Y              
1.0-LP XL(note 1)              
1.0-LJ YL(note 1)              
Maximum applicable cable length (m)(note 2) 50 21 16 9 0.7 10 3 3
Maximum standard cable length (m)(note 2) 20 21 5 2 0.3 1 3 3

(note) A blank field indicates that the combination is not supported.

(note 1) For special specifications such as those related to terminal angles other than 90° and tolerance when specifying the absolute phase, please note that it is necessary to determine the individual specification each time. Therefore, please contact our sales office for more information.

(note 2) For assemblies that exceed the maximum standard cable length (m), please contact our sales office for more information.

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