Flexible coaxial cable assembly for microwave applications up to 110 GHz DC.
The assembly’s low attenuation and reflectance makes it suitable for long-product and armor processing specifications, while maintaining compatibility with various coaxial connector and narrow-pitch multipole coaxial connection system standards.
Low-skew products that make use of phase adjustment can be used for digital signal transmission applications.

Flexible Coaxial Cable Assembly for Microwave Applicationswavemolle


It's a coined word for wave and molle, the Italian word for microwave and molle, which means "flexible", and has the image of a cable with high frequency and flexibility.

Coaxial Cable Assembly for Phase-adjusted Microwave Applications (phase adjustment option)

This is a coaxial cable assembly that combines the delay time difference (skew) of multiple coaxial lines. It supports standard specifications, standard armor specifications, highly-flexible armor specifications, and small pitch multi port coaxial connection systems. It can be used to measure high-speed digital transmission devices such as differential transmission lines.

High-speed Digital Signal Transmission AssemblyRUOTA


RUOTA means wheel in Italian. This product was named after the external features of the cross-section of the wheel, which resembles the shape of an automobile or other wheel.

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