This cable assembly is capable of long-distance transmission of 4K video signals.

This cable assembly enables high-speed, long-distance transmission by combining signal correction technologies through the use of low-skew, low-attenuation, high-performance cables that utilize RUOTA for the differential core and the minimization of individual assembly differences through the reduction of terminal processing.(note 1)

(note 1) We design cables and connector assemblies in accordance with customer requests.


RUOTA means wheel in Italian. This product was named after the external features of the cross-section of the wheel, which resembles the shape of an automobile or other wheel.


Achieves stable performance with little individual differences. The use of RUOTA for the differential core has made it possible to achieve "small-diameter", "low-attenuation" and "low-skew" product enhancements. The assembly was designed to minimize the mismatch created by the shortest connector.


Up to 4K signals (6.25 Gbps) can be transmitted at 15M(note 2)

(note 2) When transmitting long distances, equalizer correction such as CTLE is required at the receiving device. Furthermore, the maximum transmission distance will change depending on the correction capability.

Comparison of signal transmission with conventional products: Comparison of transmission of 6.25 Gbps differential signals (eye pattern)


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