Heater wires in which resistance wires (heat generating wires) are wound in a spiral shape around a core filament, an additional intermediate layer is formed by molding, and then a second layer of resistance wires (detection wires) is wound and insulating treatment is performed with PVC resin.

Safe and reliable heater wires combining temperature detection with safety and protection elements, which can be used for a wide range of warming applications.

Rated voltage 300V or less
Maximum usage temperature 110ºC
Maximum heat generation 8W/m
Standard outer diameter 1.9mm、2.3mm
Standard resistance value (heat generating wires) 0.3Ω/m~300Ω/m
Standard resistance value (detection wires) 10Ω/m~90Ω/m

(Note) Other requests can also be accommodated.




Single-line Type Heater Wires

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