With outstanding phase stability against temperature changes, these are High Performance Coaxial Cables ideal for use in environments with large changes in air temperature such as mobile base station antennas.

RUOTA products are coaxial cables using hollow-structure fluorine resin dielectrics, making them well-suited to high-frequency bandwidths which support high-speed transmission of high-capacity data. They are provided for use in a wide range of fields including communication equipment, automobiles, industrial equipment, and medical devices.


RUOTA means wheel in Italian. This product was named after the external features of the cross-section of the wheel, which resembles the shape of an automobile or other wheel.


  • Minimal phase fluctuations resulting from temperature changes
  • Highly-stable characteristic impedance
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Support for high frequencies
  • Smaller diameters
  • Excellent thermal resistance and chemical resistance

Phase Fluctuations Resulting from Ambient Temperature Changes



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