High Performance Coaxial Cables with exceptionally stable characteristic impedance, and outstanding mechanical strength and flexibility, perfectly suited to semiconductor measurement and inspection.

RUOTA products are coaxial cables using hollow-structure fluorine resin dielectrics, making them well-suited to high-frequency bandwidths which support high-speed transmission of high-capacity data. They are provided for use in a wide range of fields including communication equipment, automobiles, industrial equipment, and medical devices.


RUOTA means wheel in Italian. This product was named after the external features of the cross-section of the wheel, which resembles the shape of an automobile or other wheel.


  • Highly-stable characteristic impedance
  • Minimal phase fluctuations resulting from temperature changes
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Support for high frequencies
  • Smaller diameters
  • Excellent thermal resistance and chemical resistance

Highly-stable characteristic impedance



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