Parallel lead wires are lead wires for an electronic component in which two enamel electric wires are bonded in parallel.

Since these are enameled electric wires with small diameters (φ0.06 mm - 0.3 mm), they can offer exceptional ease of wiring work in electronic devices. They are long products, so they can also be used for wiring over long paths.

They are provided primarily as lead wires for thermistors and other electronic components in a wide range of fields, including medical devices, industrial equipment, automobiles, and communication devices.

Conductors Metal
Conductor configurations (Fine wires) 0.06mm~0.30mm
Processing types
  • Parallel lead wire
  • Triple-core parallel lead wire


  • Two enameled electric wires are bonded in parallel.
  • The two enameled electric wires can be separated (the enamel covering will not be damaged even if the wires are separated).
  • Direct soldering is possible without detaching the enamel covering.
  • Customized requests for metallic conductor and enamel covering materials can be accommodated.
  • Color can be added to the enamel coverings (the two wires can have separate colors).
  • Triple-core parallel lead wires can also be supported.


  • Lead wires for thermistors
  • Lead wires for sensor parts
  • Materials for internal wiring of devices

Thermistor Image

Structure (Cross-sectional Structure)

Conducting wire diameter: φ0.06mm~0.30mm

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