Electric wires with plating performed on materials such as copper and copper alloy wires to add functionality to their surfaces.

By adding the unique functions of different plating materials to the surfaces of electric wires, they can be used in various types of applications including coils, high frequency electric wires, heat-resistant electric wires, corrosion-resistant electric wires, and solderable electric wires.

Conductors Copper, copper alloy, stainless steel, etc.
Wire diameter φ0.03~1.2mm (note)
Plating Types
  • Nickel plating: Thermal resistance, corrosion resistance
Processing types (note)
  • Stranded wire processing
  • Enamel covering

(note) The allowable ranges for production will differ depending on the materials. Please inquire with us for details.


Structure (Cross-sectional Structure)

Conducting wire diameter: φ0.03~1.2mm

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