These products can be provided as fine aluminum wires which have undergone enamel processing.

Fine aluminum wires have a specific gravity of 2.7. They are lightweight electric wires whose specific gravity is roughly 30% that of copper wire.

When processed into coils, they can be utilized to produce much lighter products than with copper wires.

They can also be provided as enamel processed products, which are suitable for applications such as voice coils and coils for small motors.

Conductors Aluminum
Conductor configurations (Fine wires) φ0.05~0.12mm
Processing types
  • Stranded wire processing
  • Enamel covering
Electrical conductivity


Mechanical elongation properties 10% or more

(note) The allowable ranges for production will differ depending on the materials. Please inquire with us for details.



Structure (Cross-sectional Structure)

Conducting wire diameter: φ0.05~0.12mm

Fine Aluminum Wires

Enameled fine aluminum wires

With bonding films
Enameled fine aluminum wires

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