We will further pursue the uniqueness of TOTOKU and aim to become a corporate group that contributes to all stakeholders

Based on the management philosophy of aiming to be a company required throughout the world by developing products that pursue the desire to be the number one and only one, our company, “TOTOKU,” continues to take on the challenge of the sustained improvement of corporate value, leading the world by gathering technology.

On the technical front, we will seek to improve our technologies with a spirit of initiative, and continue to provide products and services that are useful for the particular needs of customers. We would also like to create new value at all times through our unique proposals and be an indispensable presence for our customers. Also, in relation to society, I hope that we contribute broadly to the international community with a spirit of co-existence and co-prosperity, and technology that is friendly to nature and enriches people’s lives. In addition, among our employees, we are aiming to “develop a corporate culture that respects everybody’s individuality and within which each individual thinks and acts with enthusiasm.”

The company is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, but the global economy is slowing rapidly in association with the spread of COVID-19 infections. However, the “5G” era has penetrated society and as CASE and other technologies will continue to undergo major changes, we will adhere strictly to the “uniqueness” we have had since our founding, aiming for distinctive technologies at all times and striving for technical products and manufacturing that surpass customer expectations in a wide range of fields.

For TOTOKU, “uniqueness” means creating new value with unique ideas and original technologies, and combining the company’s technologies optimally, especially in niche fields. I believe that we will be able to create products with new added value based on proposals unrestrained by existing frameworks and the building of relationships of trust with customers. I hope for your continued support.

Yoshihiro Suzuki

Hiroshi Kawaguchi