Second Founding: Aiming to Become a Global Niche Company

On April 1, 2023, TOTOKU ELECTRIC CO., LTD. and TTC Holdings Inc. merged to make a new start as TOTOKU INC. For us, the TOTOKU Group, this merger is the first major capital transfer since its establishment in 1940, and we regard it as a second founding. Going forward, we aim to become a global niche company utilizing the global resources and network of our parent company, the Carlyle Group, and by constantly promoting in-house innovation.

The management philosophy of KOBAYASHI Nobuji, the founder of the TOTOKU Group, is to take risks to achieve corporate growth, and at the root of this philosophy there was his development-oriented concept of ”always being one step ahead of the competitors and being the first to create products that meet the needs of the times.” Returning to the spirit of the founder, the Group hopes to grow together with its customers around the world by taking risks, expanding its business globally, and launching products that are one step ahead of its competitors.

Today, the operating environment is undergoing major change on a global scale, including trade friction, international conflict and the advancement of digitalization. In addition, there are an increasing number of issues that companies need to address as members of society, such as the establishment of a decarbonized society and workstyle reforms. In this environment, the TOTOKU Group will develop and provide electronic materials as a partner for customers in the fields of EVs in mobility, 5G in communications, inspection equipment in semiconductors, and small transformers in consumer products and it will meet the needs of society by creating the value that customers expect.

The TOTOKU Group will contribute to the sustainable progress of the global society through co-creation with its employees, shareholders, customers, local communities and all other stakeholders.

Please look forward to the future of the TOTOKU Group, which has made a new start.

Yoshihiro Suzuki


Director,President and CEO