Basic Principles and Policy on Corporate Governance

TOTOKU INC. aims to fulfill its management philosophy by placing the greatest importance on maximizing its corporate value through efficient and fair business activities. In order to achieve this, we recognize that one of the key factors is effective corporate governance, and to this end, we are endeavoring to enhance management transparency, internal control mechanisms, and compliance frameworks.

We are committed to enhancing corporate governance in accordance with the following principles.

  1. We respect the rights of shareholders and ensure equality.
  2. We endeavor to appropriately collaborate with shareholders and other stakeholders.
  3. We properly and proactively disclose information about the company in order to ensure transparency.
  4. The meeting of the Board of Directors aims to enhance the effectiveness of business execution supervisory functions from an objective standpoint based on its fiduciary duties and accountability to shareholders.
  5. Furthermore, the meeting promotes constructive dialogue between shareholders who have an investment policy that is consistent with the medium-to-long term interests of shareholders.