Research and Development

Basic Policy for Research and Development

  1. 1. Since our company's foundation, we have valued "uniqueness" and "originality," and always aimed to demonstrate uniqueness in product development (searching for the ideal image) and uniqueness of process development (originality).
  2. 2. We are continuously involved in development, seeking new products that will be major products for new businesses.
  3. 3. We believe our activities in searching for new products are the actions which will solve the problems of our customers.
  4. 4. We meet our customers' requests with higher quality.

Technology Fields

1. We contribute to the advancement of electrical inspection of semiconductor chips and mounting boards.
2. We contribute to eco- and human-friendly products in the fields of LED lighting and energy-saving products.
3. We contribute to the enhancement of reliability of connections and heat dissipation in the field of electrical wiring for power.
We positively respond to your requests for trial production and manufacturing.

Technology Fields

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