Palladium Alloy-Wired Contact Probe


Test for electronic devices / Test for semiconductors.
Reduces amount of solder adhering.
Improved contact resistance stability.

In addition to tungsten, etc., which is used conventionally for wire-type contact probes, TOTOKU has recently developed a new contact probe, which adopts a palladium alloy as the conductor material. A palladium alloy-wired contact probe has various excellent features.

Appearance example

Appearance of a palladium alloy-wired contact probe

Roundness (R), Flat (F), Needle (N), and other probe head shapes are optional. 




Reduction in solder adhering:
Because a reduction in solder adhering can be expected with a palladium alloy material, the frequency of cleaning the tip of the contract probe can be reduced.

Improved contact resistance stability:
A precious metal (palladium) in the conductor makes it less susceptible to oxidation. Accordingly, contact resistance stability is improved, and the amount of solder adhering is reduced.

Excellent mechanical characteristics:
Because a broad elastic region of more than 1.0% and a larger stroke volume are provided, a probe and probe unit can be designed that processes a test object having an uneven surface (Reference: 0.56% for tungsten and 0.87% for beryllium copper). A Vickers hardness of 500 HV or more is achieved.

Compliant with small diameters:
While ensuring a dimensional accuracy equivalent to that of conventional TOTOKU products, the conductor diameter has been reduced to 40 µm. Roundness (R), Flat (F), Needle (N) and other probe head shapes are optional. Smaller diameter of 20 µm is under development.


  • Continuity test of IC package boards
  • Continuity test of PC boards with narrow-pitch pattern
  • Continuity test of liquid crystal panels
  • Continuity test of various kinds of connectors
  • Measurement of Kelvin resistance of multilayer boards

(Detection of pseudo contacts)

  • Test for semiconductor wafers 

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