TOTOKU currently mass-produces small-diameter, wire-type contact probes with conductor diameters of 40 µm and 30 µm. Contact probes with smaller conductor diameters of 25 µm and 20 µm are under development, and samples are currently available. In addition to an application for testing IC package boards, demand has been increasing for other applications such as microprobes mounted on probe cards for testing semiconductors and probes for testing power semiconductors.
As electronic components become more and more compact, the pitches of electrodes have become narrower, thereby necessitating contact probes that are compliant with narrower pitches.
TOTOKU developed the Wire-type Contact Probe, which is ideal for electronic components with narrow-pitch-wired electrodes through a combination of its proprietary straight suspension wire and surface treatment technologies with newly developed terminal fine-processing technology.



  • Continuity test of IC package boards
  • Continuity test of PC boards with narrow-pitch pattern
  • Continuity test of liquid crystal panels
  • Continuity test of various kinds of connectors
  • Measurement of Kelvin resistance of multilayer boards
    (Detection of pseudo contacts)
  • For use with vertical probe cards
  • Test for power semiconductors


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